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Intended as a portfolio of creations to share from a mobile office, for my envisioned “come to you” website business; yet, I am going mobile no time soon. It simply is not suitable for the type of projects I am able to pursue currently.

Until able to go Mobile/Remote, I am spending my days & nights playing with different niche projects. Building these out in the open is a a form of accountability buddy for transparency. It needs to be clear when helping someone create on the internet, that I am self-taught, & sharing the steps out in the open show the progression.

Hope you will take some time to explore the world around you, find something exciting to fixate creatively upon. These are some things curiosity has brought across my path. Continue learning so we can share our learning together. 

Here is one of my Favorites.

My Postcard Shop

Niche Projects


Current Domain Projects

My Picture Postcards

Blog from Postcrossing exchanges

Collection Database

Creative Conception of Postcards

Postcard gallery

Live Streaming curation of collection

Shops to sell extra postcards

Vision toward a Legacy Postcard Museum

Saunter Club

Website for the Brand

App For Trekking Locations Or Maybe Meetups

Swag Merch

YouTube Relax Channel Of Trekking Places

Family Meetup Convention

 The Tender Two

Blog from our Letters & Journals

Shopr Shop Page

Guest author access

Carousel posts

IG & Pinterest integration

Setup Gallery

Highlight great gamer setups

Possible affiliate site

Retirement Projects

Mural Passport

Publication Of The Mural Passport

Marketing The Mural Passport

Blog Documenting Mural Artists

Scavenger Hunting Murals Live stream

Agency For Artist Promotion

Possible NFT gallery for muralist

Domain Hoard

Collection of Best Domains we’ve accumulated for the Niche Website Business

Domain Addicts Anonymous Memes

Even More for later

Book Crawl

Traveling Book Barn

Wanderlust Hotspot

Vanity Brand Mailbox


Ai Art creation of postcards & fabric prints

NoCode Tools To Build Interactive Projects

Live Streaming projects -Ideation Station
NoFace YouTube TikTok

Affiliate sites 

Learn To Draw

Learn The Mandolin

Learn to Code 

My Picture Postcards

Journey of a lifetime shared by My Picture Postcards

Mural Passport

ಠ_ಠ Scavenger hunting murals

Gallery of Best Setups

Saunter Club

Sauntering Wanderers & Roaming Ramblers

The Tender Two