Moving a blog 🖥️or staying on plan 📅

As Friday approached, I was at work remembering that I had not yet posted. All my scheduled batches of postcard exchanges had finally aired. I was 💭 thinking, what am I going to post this week. It had seemed rather slow at the PO Box for the last two weeks. But I did receive a couple cards. Then as I started to pull up the cards that were scanned so far, I was pleasantly surprised. Since, I also scan my outbound cards, I still had quite a few.
But now as I’m here writing this, It’s so hard to continue with this blog on Blogger. It just is not cooperating. I’m debating withing myself for a very long time as to moving my precious blog. It would take so much work and all the links I’ve created would be lost.  
It’s not hard to do, but it is time-consuming. It would be the third time resetting the MPP blog while still trying to get everything else up and running.  I have so much setup already there; it’s the only blog I would consider successful at this point. The AdSense works, It has consistent visits, tho not many. It has the Amazon traffic starting to move in the right direction. It just needs some real postcards designed and put up for sale or some great postcard merch.  
When I’m uploading photos for a blog post it is just incredibly uncooperative. It is slow, it doesn’t allow me to format the pictures in the place I desire with the text. It doesn’t allow photos to be in format .webp, which is the most ludicrous oversight on Google ever.  It’s their format for lighter pictures!!!
Taking the time to write this out, to hear myself think it through is a big help tho. It might save me from making a very rash, timing mistake.  I’m trying to wait, get something else up and running so I can go back to revamp it later.  Ojalá, I can maintain my sanity until then.  
I want to get Saunter Club, and Set up Gallery up somewhat, work to find someone to write some blog articles, create hiking lists, get photos of set up. Then I also want to start streaming while doing Bio building exercises live for BioReview. TV📺
All of these projects could actually help me to retire early, and work at what I love to do, Build online. 
These stamps sent to me on a postcard from Malaysia deserve a place of honor to preserve their legacy. 
All of these projects were gifted to me on a whiff of inspirational whim. The creativity that speaks in the silence between the thoughts.  There is much, much more that needs to be prepared, therefore my postcard collection will have to be content where they are for the moment.  And the Database to sell the extras still needs to be built.  So therein lies the answer.  So grateful for a blog to work this shite out on paper. {screen} 

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