Break it down

When there’s too much to work on

Since only 2 sites are technically up, there is still much to be done at any extra moment. How do we cope with the amount of projects needing attention all at the same time?
We go with our gut, while following our joy, then we roll up our sleeves & get to chopping
We chisel down the edges to get started on the block.
Little tasks compound when you keep at it.

Mural Passport

Some of the fun stuff is actually behind the scenes for building websites. Organizing assets is a task no one ever sees, but the results are felt as they accumulate. Murals photographs & articles about artists are growing on a Telegram channel & FB page. Keeping track of legacy artwork & trending new artists is really just a compilation of great finds to research with the goal to pass along to others. Then, to be able to video & editing to share the process of using the Mural Passport, & Scavenger hunting murals with the drone to capture for all posterity.

Saunter Club

Setting up sharable maps on Google, while looking for a better way to recommend Saunter Sites. Also growing is the infrastructure of our Frond Saunter Club community. Each group, chat, Bio, all the blocks of interactions have to be built within the community, so that when folks do arrive to visit, they have something worth staying for. It is tedious & intricate. So we leave the Sauntering to the lil brothers & they leave the online building to me. Too, there is the SWAG building that has to be uploaded gradually due to Amazon limits on the store at this time. We are sincerely hoping to jump into that next tier ASAP.

Tender Two

DearHeart Creativity is the Muse that started the whole Niche website journey. Building my first real domain, for my BFF from elementary school, was the cornerstone for each project that persisted afterward. Believe me, there were still quite a few that did not persist. They just didn’t have the wings to take off.
TTT has steadily been a slow growing miracle, despite the content being so personal, instead of solution based. We still believe by creating as ourselves & treating our personal emotional health in this public arena is the best way to help others get started on the path to healing & happiness.

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