What Is LaLa Doing?

Today, I am trying to build a Now Page. It didn’t turn out the way it was expected. Since It Is More Challenging Than First Anticipated, My NOW Page Will Be A Post, Until I Get It Right! By Then I’ll Be Up To Something Completely Different, So That Could Be Exciting Too.

See You Then!

Stay Positive | Be Blessed | Share Often


Currently, working on-First priority daily is to upload a product to my designs on Merch by Amazon. Currently, I am allowed 2 products per day to upload. So I do this everyday until all of my product slots are full. Then, it’s postcard time. Scanning, editing, filming, more editing, uploading & occasionally writing. Other priorities are my Quarterly Newsletter, niche blogs, and print on demand designs. So many wonderful things to work on in my free time. Just starting the #100daysofnocode challenge, too.

Listening to

While at my night job, I try to get an earful with a good podcast. Seriously, enjoying, Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People, and also Tiago’s Wannabe-Entrepreneur. I live in a wonderful world where I only hear great things, then on break time, I go to Twitter to check in on my favorites.

Health & Happiness

Making time to keep physically fit has been a challenge. So I tried to #LeanInto some form of joyful movement. Some days it’s stretches, or yoga. Other days, it is 1 minute with Trainer Phil on TikTok, or the trampoline on the way to the laundry room. Just a few minutes of MOVE has been a great energy restoration to continue on a project.

Ask Away!

I’ve been trying out all the new one page websites & link in bio sites. If you need help deciding which one would be best for you,

let’s chat! Find me on Telegram or Twitter @mobilmediamania

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